highlights of 2017

It was an honour for me to be introduced to HRH The Princess Royal at the award ceremony for this year's International Indian Chef of the Year Competition. The judges of the competition were invited to meet Princess Anne before the awards ceremony and, as you can see from the photo, I was able to share a light hearted moment with her and the founder of the competition, Tommy Miah.

The awards ceremony was a glitzy affair with dancers, singers and swirling lights but the hard work had been done by the finalists one week earlier. The seven finalists had arrived early in the morning at the Billingsgate Seafood School to prepare the menus which had won them a place in the final.

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      Princess Anne
Princess Anne, Tommy Miah (back to camera) and David Smith
photo credit: Jonathan Hordle

the cookbook

My latest book, Quick Meals from The Curry House, contains over 50 recipes for making Indian restaurant-style meals at home. Most of the recipes can be made from scratch in under an hour.

Quick Meals from The Curry House

The book has collections of recipes for House Specials, Curry House Favourites, Tandoori-style Dishes, Vegetable Bhajis, Rice, Breads and Relishes. The recipes make dishes that bridge the gap between restaurant meals and supermarket ready-meals.

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free recipes

Now that I have written a new cookery book, I have decided to showcase some of the recipes for replicas of Indian restaurant dishes from my previous book, The Curry House Cookery Book.

Recipe features - our Summer Sizzler spicy barbecue recipes, recipes for my Thai Green Curry and Indonesian Rendang, home-style recipes from Andhra Pradesh and other spicy features.

Recipes from the Raj - recipes from my collection of Anglo-Indian cookery books dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Discover how the Brits liked their curries over 100 years ago.

Party sized recipes for 8 or more. Recipes designed for large numbers. Avoid the hassle and unpredictability of scaling-up recipes meant for 2 or 4 people.

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International Indian Chef of the Year Competition 2017

The winner of this year's competition was announced at the awards ceremony held on 9th October in the presence of Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. The winning chef was Milon Miah from the Spice Island restaurant in Barnard Castle, County Durham.

Milon Miah

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featured recipe

Lamb chops with ginger. Lamb chops are not a common sight on the standard curry house menu and more's the pity for that. You will need to go to a restaurant offering authentic South Asian cuisine to taste the delights of spicy lamb chops.

Alternatively, you can make lamb chops with ginger yourself from the recipe in Quick Meals from The Curry House.

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