South Asian Cuisine

The cuisine of the Asian sub-continent is far more diverse than the word "curry" can ever describe. The countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka display a huge diversity of cooking. These are some of the best links I have found that have helped me explore the cuisine of the region.


Mamta's Kitchen Home cooking from a British Asian family. A great place to learn what real north Indian cooking is all about and how different it is to the familiar restaurant fare.  

Rownak's Bangla Recipes Rownak Jahan is a Bangladeshi living in Australia. Her aim is to introduce Bangladeshi traditional food culture to the world and her website does a fine job.  

Sri Lankan Recipes Lots of recipes and lots of pictures of Sri Lankan food. I really enjoy the pictures - they're not professional food pics but they give you a good idea of what the recipes actually turn out like.  

Contact Pakistan Pakistani cooking with "BJ" othewrwise known as Bushra J. Butt. As well as recipes there are sections on cooking techniques, equipment and Pakistani cooking terms.  

The Cuisine of Punjab Although most Indian restaurants in the UK are actually run by Bangladeshis the dishes at the heart of the standard curry house menu (e.g. tandoori dishes, roghan josh & parathas) are characteristically Punjabi. Confused? Don't be. Punjabi restaurateurs pretty much devised the successful formula for Indian restaurants. Later, Bangladeshi restaurateurs became the majority but wisely adopted the standard menu of the Punjabi pioneers. Take a look here for an insight into Punjabi history, culture and cuisine from a Sikh point of view.  

Sanjeev Kapoor The chef's TV show, Khana Khazana, has become the most successful cookery show in India. His web site is essential viewing if you want some idea what contemporary Indian chefs are cooking.  

Food-Nepal An introduction to Nepalese cuisine including Dal Bhat, rice with lentils, which is a classic Nepali recipe and the staple daily diet of the majority of the population.  

Virtual Bangladesh Bangladeshi food and recipes.  

The Desi Cookbook A collection of home-style Pakistani recipes.