Good Cooking Sites

Here are some recommended food sites and blogs where you can learn about good food from all over the world. They feature cooking from Britain, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and a whole host of other places and styles. There's even a couple of food celebs.

Dig in!


Go for an English If you're interested in English food then check out my other website, Go For An English. It's my personal account of everyday English food in the 21st century. Curry fans will also find an in-depth article on the Classic British Curry. Indonesian food and recipes from the excellent Henk Hardendood. If you don't know your Nasi Goreng from your Rendang then go and visit Henk's kitchen. This is still one of my favourite cooking sites (and it's been around as long as The Curry House too).  

Endless Simmer I love this food blog. I have lost many an hour reading through the articles. The writers have such passion and energy. They describe themselves as people who can "just as easily enjoy offal or destroy a Dunkin Donuts (fake) egg and cheese croissant". My sort of people.  

Food Stories London-based food blogger, Helen Graves, tells of her travels around the eating places of the capital. Her no-nonsense restaurant reviews, yummy recipes and relaxed writing style work for me.  

Adam Richman Normally, I shy away from food challenges. The thought of eating until you burst or downing something so hot it makes you faint leaves me feeling a bit queasy. But my son turned me on to Adam Richman's TV programmes and I've enjoyed America's Greatest Sandwich a lot. His boundless enthusiasm and his love of the food he tries on his travels have completely won me over.  

Valentine Warner In my opinion, the best food programme to be produced for British TV in recent years was Valentine Warner's What To Eat Now. No fancy arrangements or faddish food here - good, honest cooking using the tastiest and freshest ingredients. Cooking as it should be.  

KERB Ever since The Curry House joined Twitter I've been coming across this organisation and their street traders. KERB's aim is "Making Cities Taste Better". They organise markets and workshops and all sorts of other stuff based around street food and they champion the cause of the mobile food kitchen. Having been in the mobile catering trade myself in the past, I am following their progress with special interest.  

Muoi Khuntilanont's Kitchen Ian Philpott wrote up scores of his wife's authentic Thai recipes and posted them to the old Chile-Heads list. When Ian sadly died, Chet Bacon collected together as many recipes as he could find and catalogued them on his website.  

History and Legends of Chili I am very fond of a good bowl of chili. Here is Linda Stradley's history of the famous dish and the legends that surround it. Did you know that Kit Carson's last words were "wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili"?. There's some classic chili recipes too.  

BritMex British versions of Mexican and southwestern USA recipes created, quite a few years ago now, by your very own David Smith. Tex-Mex was never like this!