Restaurant-style Thai & Indonesian Curries

These two recipes have been very popular as bonus recipes in The Curry House Premium Area. Now that my new book has been published I thought it was about time to publish the recipes here in the public area. So here they are...

Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry can be found on the menu of every Thai restaurant. I have created my own version using ingredients which are readily available in British supermarkets.

Beef Rendang
My version of the famous hot, sweet and sour curry from Indonesia. In my recipe the heat comes from dried red chillies, the sweet from coconut milk and raw sugar and the sour from tamarind and lemon.



A Selection of Authentic Thai Curries

Ian Philpott was a prolific contributor to the now defunct Chile-Heads mailing list. "The Colonel" had written down the traditional Thai recipes made by his wife, chef Muoi Khuntilanont, and then added his commentary in his own indomitable style.

Back in 1996, when I started The Curry House, Ian kindly gave me permission to showcase some of Muoi's recipes. By the time he sadly died in 1998 he had put together a website of his own featuring all his postings to the Chile-Heads list.

Regretably, Ian's website was taken down some years ago but many of the recipes for Thai curries which appeared on Muoi Khuntilanont's Kitchen can be found below. There are more recipes on Chet Bacon's site.

The following recipes are published "as is". They are not my recipes and I haven't tested them all. We cannot offer help in making the recipes.


nam prik kaeng phet daeng hot red curry paste
kaeng phet daeng kai red Thai chicken curry
nam prik kaeng khiaowan green curry paste
kaeng khiaowan kai green Thai chicken curry
nam prik kaeng masaman Masaman curry paste
kaeng masaman kai Masaman chicken curry
nam prik kaeng Penaeng Penang curry paste
Penaeng kai Penang curry
kaeng hanglay Northern style beef curry
kaeng paa kai jungle curry with chicken
Thai curry pastes the Colonel's notes on Thai curry pastes


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