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20th July 2019

The Curry House Premium Area has now closed.

Many thanks to all the people who subscribed over the years. The Curry House Premium Area opened to subscribers in October 2004 and closed on 19 July 2019. In those fifteen years, many hundreds of subscribers have downloaded the recipes from my two cookery books. I hope you have enjoyed the recipes and continue to do so from your own copies of the books.

If you own a paperback copy of Quick Meals from The Curry House, there is a new login procedure. Please go here to see the photos of the dishes made from the recipes in the book.

Best wishes,

David Smith

19 April 2019


The Curry House Premium Area will be closing down permanently on 19 July 2019.

Subscribers to The Curry House Cookery Book can now download all the recipes as a complete e-book in one PDF file. Please click on "download the e-book" after you have logged in. The single recipes are still available if you prefer that format.

Subscribers should download all content that they wish to keep by 19 July 2019. After that date, subscribers' accounts will cease to function, and no further downloads will be possible.

I would like to thank everyone for subscribing to The Curry House Cookery Book. I hope you continue to enjoy the book and making the recipes.

Best wishes - David

6 December 2018
Apologies for the delay in publishing the e-book edition of The Curry House Cookery Book.

As announced on 19 May 2018, I am in the process of collating all the recipes into one e-book in PDF format. This will make it much easier for subscribers to download, in advance of the closure of the Premium Area. Unfortunately, my new book, The Cooking Colonel of Madras, took far longer than expected to be finalised, but I am happy to say that it has now been published.

I will be back at work on the e-book in the run-up to Christmas and it will hopefull be ready early in the New year. Thanks for your patience.

  The Cooking Colonel of Madras

19 May 2018
The Curry House Premium Area will soon be closing down.

I am in the process of collating all the recipes into one e-book in PDF format. There is no need to download the individual recipes in the mean time (unless you want to).

The e-book will be abridged and contain only the recipes. If you need your own copy of any of the information pages, you will need to download each one.

When the e-book containing the recipes is ready, we will give one month's notice to subscribers so they can download the file.

20 November 2012
Very excited to tell you that the paperback edition of Quick Meals from The Curry House is now available from Amazon in the UK, USA, Germany and France.

12 November 2012

I am delighted to announce that my new book, Quick Meals from The Curry House, is out now. The book contains over 50 recipes and most of them can be made from scratch in under an hour.

The book features six chapters of recipes - House Specials, Curry House Favourites, Tandoori-style Dishes, Vegetable Bhajis, Rice & Breads and Dips & Relishes. The recipes make dishes that bridge the gap between restaurant meals and supermarket ready-meals.

Quick Meals from The Curry House is available as a paperback book and as a digital edition in PDF format.

Although the paperback book is not illustrated, the book provides a link to an exclusive area of The Curry House where people who have purchased the paperback can view pictures of all the recipes online. The digital edition is fully illustrated.

PLEASE NOTE: If you buy the paperback book and want to use your existing account to view the pictures, go to the link in the book, get your coupon code and then use Your Account to redeem the coupon (you will not have to pay the nominal £10.00 - the coupon will cover that).

You can also use your existing account to buy the Digital Edition - go to Your Account.
  Quick Meals from The Curry House


If subscribers purchase the Digital Edition of Quick Meals from The Curry House using their existing account they are deemed to have successfully done the Test to make sure they can read the book and have accepted the Licence Agreement for the Digital Edition.

You can find the Test and License Agreement here under "Digital Edition".

5 November 2012
I am delighted to announce that my new book, Quick Meals from The Curry House, is available now as a paperback book through Lulu.com.

The paperback book will also be available on Amazon at the end of November. The Digital Edition will be launched on Monday 12 November.

26 August 2012
As from today, we are not taking any new subscriptions to The Curry House Premium Area while we update our website in preparation for the launch of my new book.

My new book will be available soon. The cookbook will be available to buy through Amazon and Lulu as a paperback book or as an online edition in PDF format. Please check here for up to date information and details of the book launch.

Existing subscribers to the Premium Area are not affected in any way. Your subscription will continue as before.

6 March 2012
We intend to make some changes to the License Agreement. We hereby give notice that all future Service Announcements and Legal Announcements will be made here. We will no longer make important announcements by email. All subscribers should check here regularly.

4 March 2012
From now on ALL subscribers should go HERE to login. Subscribers who used to login at <curryhousemembers.com> will have received a Service Announcement by email giving full details (that is, if we have your current email address in our records).

1 March 2012
If you currently login to The Curry House Premium Area at <curryhousemembers.com> you should have received a Service Announcement email from us warning you that your login procedure is about to change. If you did not receive our email that probably means you did not keep your email address up to date in our records (good job you checked here then!).

23 February 2012
Over the next week or so we will be making some changes to the Premium Area. If your content is on <curryhousemembers.com> you will need to login differently although most Usernames and all Passwords will remain the same. However, we have had to change some Usernames to avoid having duplicates. If we have had to change your username you will receive a personal email advising you of your new login details. Please check back here for instructions.

15 February 2012
We are happy to announce that The Curry House Premium Area is now back online following our recent website server move. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by getting our subscription software to work properly on our new server. Many thanks for your patience.

6 February 2012
We have moved the Premium Area Forum here to <curryhousenews.com> from its old home at <curryhousemembers.com>. You should automatically be redirected here if you click on a bookmarked link.

24 January 2012
The Forum is no longer taking new posts but will still be available as an archive. Forum traffic has virtually ground to a halt over the last year so it looks like most questions about the book have been answered. Please feel free to search the Forum for any help you may need. Please DO search the Forum before you email me for help with any of the recipes.
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