Recipes from The Curry House

Before we get cooking, I need to remind you that the recipes published on The Curry House are provided "as is" and entirely without warranty or guarantees of any kind. If you make the recipes, you are responsible for employing safe food handling and hygiene procedures and for ensuring that the ingredients listed in the recipes do not provoke an adverse reaction in anyone eating the finished dish.

Now, on to the recipes...


Here is a selection of recipes from my 2004 book, The Curry House Cookery Book.


The recipes aim to replicate Indian restaurant dishes, but are specifically designed to be made in a domestic kitchen.

restaurant-style recipes



Special features:

  • Mouth watering spicy barbecue recipes plus expert advice on how to barbecue without tears.
  • My recipes for restaurant-style Thai Green Curry and Beef Rendang.
  • Recipes that use up all that leftover turkey from Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  • Growing your own curry ingredients. My curry garden diary.


The Curry House features

from the Raj

There were scores of cookery books written for British housewives who were resident in India during the British Raj. The books are mainly concerned with cooking British food under Indian conditions but some of the cookery books include chapters on cooking curries, kebabs, koftas and pulaos.

The "Oriental" recipes in these books are not what the Indian population of the time would have been eating. The recipes have been Anglicised to suit British tastes and they give a fascinating insight into the British in India.

recipes from the Raj

party servings

Curries that are big enough to feed 8 or more people. Avoid the hassle and unpredictability of scaling-up recipes meant for 2 or 4 people by using a recipe that's specifically designed to make a large number of servings.

There's only one recipe here at the moment and that is for Kheema Lobia - spicy minced lamb with black eyed beans. But we will be adding more recipes over time.

recipes for party servings