Recipes for Party Servings


One of the most common questions I receive at The Curry House is whether my recipes can be scaled up to feed party sized numbers of people. My answer is always the same - you can double the recipes (so they will feed 4 people) but the recipe will not come out properly if you increase it any more than that. So what is the solution?

The solution is to find recipes that are designed to feed large numbers of people. Now, that's not so easy as they are not that common. So I plan to create some recipes that will give 8 full portions or 12 buffet portions.

There's only one recipe at the moment but there will be more.



This recipe is ideal for Halloween or Bonfire Night (or any other party time come to that). Kheema Lobia is spicy minced lamb with black eyed beans and is a good substitute for the usual Chili con Carne. You can easily substitute minced beef for the lamb if you prefer.

The Cooking Colonel of Madras by David Smith